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we're TITS' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
we're TITS

terrorJism Visuals

we are a slightly uninspired duo of illustrators/ professional badasses we entered rising stars of manga once, but we got disqualified for tentacle rape, decapitation, butt sex, and probably copyright infringment. we love eachother like the mommy alligator that eats her babies loves each tasty morsel. are two of five members of UNNICEB cosplaying dictatorship, of whom win many awards and are vastly talented. you actually can't step to this. we love: Banana Fish, Yugioh, Most anything by Kazuya Minekura (Bus Gamer, Saiyuki, Stigma, W.A...), D. Gray-man, Utena, Prince of Tennis

pyrrotsumi & Set

Set is an art student in NYC. She is insanely gorgeous and talented. When celebrities go for plastic surgery, 97% of them bring a picture of Set for reference. Set loves marijuana and baked goods and hot ladies. Set looks fantastic in a suit, but is also retarded, and garbles when she talks, so nobody really likes her. pyrrotsumi doesn't do a fuck of a much, except drink in excess and chain smoke. sometimes she works retail. she's funny because she's so bitter and jaded. pyrrotsumi enjoys parties, costuming, whiskey, fist fights, men, and women.

Brought to you by

UNNICEB: MOD Squad, Masqueraders of Danger


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"we wipe our asses with ferret manga"
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[April 18, 2007]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Here's your beautiful photoshop Honda and Joey picture that is so awesome i think i went blind a little. 

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[April 14, 2007]

so I'm sitting here in the free-time lab like a lame-ass making beautiful photoshop Honda and Joey pictures, and it's so awesome, you'll probably go blind.
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'paths' can consider itself pwnd [April 09, 2007]

[ mood | impressed ]

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[March 15, 2007]

Ferrets!!! Why does that Van Von Hunter piece of shit still get published??
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[March 14, 2007]

[ mood | chipper ]

testing testing kaidoh is a faggot testing
huhuhuhuhuh testes

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